Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,

We have great pleasure to invite you to attend in the International IFCC Course on Flow Cytometry, hosted by the Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS) and Yeditepe University in Istanbul, on 20-22 Juıne 2018.

Flow cytometry is a relatively new area becoming more and more important in routine laboratory activities and research. Potentially, it will be one of the areas showing high quality and powerful contribution of laboratory medicine services to clinical medicine. However, it is not widely used and there are not well trained staff yet. Therefore, there is a need for high – quality training for routine applications.

The course is addressing the most commonly used flow cytometry applications. Flow cytometric analyses, especially immunophenotyping in immunodeficiencies and hematologic malignancies (leukemias and lymphomas), and other flow cytometric analyses in hematologic diseases such as red cell membrane disorders will take place with practical applications in this three-day course. The course is also important for a standard / harmonised approach to flow cytometric analysis. Distinguished colleagues as lecturer from Europe and Turkey will come together in the course and they will share their expertise throughout the course. We think, the participants will be well equipped theoretically and practically after this intensive course.

Additionally, Istanbul is one of the most exciting cities in the world standing at the gateway between Europe and Asia, and the participants will enjoy this historical city during the course.

Finally, we thank to all outstanding scientists of the course for sharing their expertise in Turkey. Of course, we thank to our sponsor, Beckman-Coulter.

Mesude Yılmaz Falay                                                         Doğan Yücel
                                                                                                  President of TBS